Preoperative Instructions

Please review our preoperative instructions below. A printable .pdf is provided for your convenience below:

Pre- and Postoperative Brochure of Instructions


  • We will contact you the week before your scheduled surgery to review instructions and confirm your arrival time.
  • You will need to make some arrangements in advance. For several weeks after your surgery, you will need to administer prescribed eye drops daily. Please make arrangements with a family member or friend to assist you if needed. This does not require a nurse.
  • You will need to make arrangements for someone to take you to and from the surgical center. Someone should stay with you the evening after surgery.
  • If you take aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin®), Pradaxa®, Xarelto®, or any other blood thinners, you may need stop these medications before surgery. Please discuss this with Dr. Eccarius.


Start using the antibiotic drop the day before surgery. Begin placing one drop in the operative eye at noon, and one drop every two hours until bedtime. Keep the bottle of drops as you will use it again.
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.


  • Place one antibiotic drop in the operative eye in the morning.
  • Do not eat or drink anything. Take your regular prescriptions with a small glass of water.
  • If you use drops for glaucoma, take them as prescribed unless instructed differently.
  • Ladies, please do not apply makeup, powder, lipstick or nail polish.


Before you leave the surgery center, you will receive instructions from the nursing staff on what to do (and not do) after surgery until your follow up appointment in the office.  You will receive an appointment time for your check-up in the office before you leave the surgery center.

(We will give you additional written instructions after your check up at the office).